Anton LaVey, extra-dimensional Egyptian aardvaarks, military intelligence — hey, it was the 1970s, people would buy anything!

Set is said to be a god of storms, desert, chaos and war. Why then did some goofy colonel with bushy eyebrows and a background in military intelligence turn this sinister god into yet another watered-down “light-bringer” who is little more than Jesus in Egyptian drag? Why do Westerners insist upon imposing fluffy-bunny Judeo-Christian moralism upon everything, even those claiming to be “Satanists”, despite the fact¬†that many of the old gods like Set were meant to personify *THINGS THAT ARE EVIL, DESTRUCTIVE, ALIEN AND DARK* because these are ineradicable aspects of ourselves and the¬†world? Inquiring minds want to know!

Set the Egyptian Aardvark God — see, he’s not so scary is he?